Building for the Future through Quality Christian Education

The Beginning

The decision to open a private, non-sectarian Christian day school was made by First Baptist Church of Woodland in the Spring of 1974. This school would become known as Woodland Christian School. Beginning in September, 1974 with thirty nine students, this small Christian School would soon become one of the largest in Northern California. Today, hosting more than three hundred students, Woodland Christian actively competes academically, athletically, and musically with schools all over the North. From a staff of three to a present staff of over forty, the same basic ingredients of high expectations, commitment to excellence, and a love for children and young people have never changed.

Our History

As a parent, you have values and beliefs you desire to instill in your children. You desire to prepare them for all that will confront them during their formative years as well as when they are adults. Selecting a school that shares and reinforces those values is a most important decision. Our mission at Woodland Christian School is to offer a quality program that integrates scriptural principles into every facet of life, and strives for the pursuit of academic excellence. We teach the authority of God’s Word, we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, and we are committed to assisting our students on their paths to spiritual and academic maturity. Woodland Christian was established in 1974. Consistent growth through the years has created the need to expand, to modify use permits, and seek alternative means to facilitate growth. In 1995 Woodland Christian School was graciously gifted twenty-one acres of land. God increased that acreage to 43 acres, located on Matmor Road in southeast Woodland, between two major thoroughfares. Our expanding campus will provide an opportunity to construct a gymnasium and outdoor athletic complex, adequate music and arts facilities, self contained science labs, and state-of-the-art communications and computer training. We are excited about our future and invite you to be a part of it. We desire to serve our community and honor God in all that we do. Please feel free to contact us and allow us the privilege of sharing more about the outreach of Woodland Christian School.


Woodland Christian students represent families from a very large geographical area. Students attend from Woodland, Davis, Esparto, Natomas, Sacramento, Zamora, Colusa, Dunnigan, Winters, and Dixon. Easy freeway access makes the commute convenient. A healthy mix of economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds provide students an accurate picture of our community. Woodland Christian School has a nondiscriminatory policy in regards to all races which admits students of any race to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities at Woodland Christian Schools.





We admire and respect Woodland Christian School not only because we have children attending the school, but because we ourselves are former students. The qualities that we see in Woodland Christian School now as parents, are the same qualities that were in place when we were students. Bible-based teaching is the cornerstone for an academic program that encourages children to have high expectations for themselves. The challenging classroom is not the only thing that Woodland Christian School is about The teaching staff and administration are, and always have been, dedicated to providing an environment that nurtures each child. They care about and take pride in their students and the students in turn take pride in themselves. We feel fortunate to have been a part of Woodland Christian School’s earlier days and we are extremely enthusiastic about its future. - Dan & Terri Snethen

Throughout my education, it seems that the most important things I have leaned have not been from the textbooks I’ve read or the exams I have taken. The true learning has come from the experiences, the love, and the interaction I have received while attending each institution. I can honestly say that the 12 foundational years I spent learning and growing at WCS were a positive and irreplaceable part of my life.
I was nurtured through my early years by experienced, quality teachers, and led through the turbulent times of the junior high by committed, selfless instructors who wanted to help and shape me. Some of my teachers have even become close personal friends whom I’ve kept in contact with years after leaving WCS. The years at WCS taught me love, commitment, trust, leadership and most importantly, introduced me to my friend and savior, Jesus Christ. All of these I have taken with me, especially into my college years at Seattle Pacific University.
WCS was the strong, yet flexible mold that shaped me to be the successful young woman that I am today. What a privilege it was to attend such a quality and Christ-centered institution to receive my education.
-Katie Besley

As a parent of an elementary school, I feel that an ideal learning environment is provided at Woodland Christian School. A thorough and rigorous academic curriculum is supported by teachers who are selfless and dedicated. In addition to the basics, children are taught morals, ethics, accountability, and respect for authority. The classroom situation is conducive to learning because order is maintained. Scholastic work is graded and grades are representative of a child’s ability as well as effort. Classes are relatively small so children receive individual attention, which in turn provides enhanced opportunities for the success of each child. At Woodland Christian School there is also a strong solidarity among parents, teachers, students, and administrators which facilitates learning. I was fortunate to find such an excellent program.
-Marilyn Silva



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