Winter 2016 Acitivities

Student clubs and Activities

Woodland Christian School encourages students to get involved with the various clubs and extra curricular activities that are available through the school. The following are a list of the clubs and extra curricular activities that WCS sponsors:





Early dismissal options

Elementary Early Release Program 3rd Quarter
Classes being offered for 4th quarter- Starting March 23 to May 25, 2016

Elementary students are dismissed at 2:00 each Wednesday afternoon. We are excited to offer a variety of after-school options:

Parents are welcome to collect students at the early dismissal time.
Students may check into extended care if they typically use this service after school.
Students may select one of the programs listed below. Please note that pre-registration is required and a nominal fee may apply.
Class will be filled by first come, first served.
Beginning Wednesday, March 23, 2:00 to 3:00 pm

No Fee Options
(Pre-registration required)
Homework Club – grades 3rd – 5th
Math Busters – grades 2nd – 3rd
Outdoor Games 3rd – 5th *
Outdoor Games K – 2nd *

Enrolled Activities
(Pre-registration required + fees apply)
Chalk Art– grades K – 2nd
Arts & Crafts – grades K – 2nd
Basic Sewing - grades 3rd – 5th
Crafts for Kids – grades 3rd – 5th
Martial Arts – Kinder-1st
Martial Arts Forms

Please bring a hard copy of the form in with payment (if required). We are unable to accept sign up's by phone or through e-mail. You can download copies from the links above.

If you have any questions please contact Teri Arnold at 530-666-6615 or

* Students who sign up for outdoor games and do not wish to participate will not have free play but will be sent to Extended Care.


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