Are you a WCS alumni? We would like to hear how our past students are doing. Watch for updates on WCS progress and activities, such as sports events and get together's. Check out the school calendar for upcoming events.

Please update the WCS Alumni database with your information. We'll keep your information private and we will only contact you if you approve 'Ok to contact you'.



Got some information or news about an alumni? Are they serving in the Military? Let us know.



A special note to our Alumni: We know it must be exciting as well as overwhelming to step out into the world and take on all the challenges that are thrown at you. We hope that your experience at Woodland Christian School has benefited you while tackling those challenges. Know that you are remembered and that you are in our prayers. Many times we hear the teachers tell and retell some of their most memorable stories. We find ourselves laughing and crying right along with each story. Here at Woodland Christian School, we have our own challenges. Right now, some of you are still relying on Mom and Dad (maybe Grandma or Grandpa) for financial assistance as you work your way through college. When you have accomplished your goals and find yourself financially independent, please consider making a donation to the school. We are in the process of accepting donations for the building of a school gym. All gifts are tax deductible. God is great and merciful and he has blessed this school with some of the finest teachers and staff. Remember us here at WCS and also remember that you are in the world, but not of it.



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